Leia Poesia de Paulo Duarte
Filipe em Português





























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"For Paulo Duarte Filipe, painting never is nor has been an amorphous or even ambiguous act. His painting does not allow any distraction nor even the slightest hint of indifference. As if we were induced, for a undefined time, into a curious and bizarre hypnotic state.
Endowed with an imagination both unusual and baffling, the artist has, however, kept a remarkable pictorial coherence deeply founded in his own unique technique, permanently evolving and refining with time.
In this set of works, Paulo D. Filipe defies us to follow him through enigmatic displays of superiorly colored and magical storytelling, perversely occult, taking place in another universe, apparently distant, amazingly close...
We must then allow ourselves to discover his new colorful world and deny
all stereotypes and refute useless concepts."






Postcard from
Algarve, Portugal"


"Dear J,


"I was going to travel by train to see you, but unexpected problems...  well, I decided to write you instead (I don´t have any news from you for a very long time...). Anyway, maybe you want to know about her... Well,  when I last saw her, she was giving up her job. I believe that she must be now at south of Spain. And you? Let me know how you are..."

Paulo "


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